Because we have repeat customers our commercial work is typically Tier 3. We have undertaken larger projects but resources can be at their limit for too long and potentially overlook our regular clients.

We also have a zero harm workplace policy and strongly believe all workers should go home in the vehicle they arrived in NOT an AMBULANCE!

Some Sample Commercial Projects

We have handed over many over the years. One of them is featured on the Ranbuild website. I’ve put them on YouTube as they are all custom design and construct  and it  saves searching a gallery. We’ve done many a shop and office fit-out also.

We are used to working with contracts like AS 2124 1992 which the DHW and BMW use. We keep everything in writing and all parties informed. We use MS Project and if something like a variation is going to change the critical path all parties are informed and an EOT is addressed. The same applies to variations.

We like to keep the plans, specifications and contracts in writing. It is essential as it will be a legal agreement binding both parties. No point having any misunderstandings over who said what and to whom. It also ensures the project can be built for the target budget.

With building every dollar spent should be an investment not an expense so it’s important the budget is allocated wisely.

We keep the decision making logical.

Pilbara Builder Coffee

If you’re out and about

Pop in for a chat sometime and discuss what you have in mind. At least you’ll leave with realistic goals fot the future, as I’ve said building should be an investment not an expense. If it’s not commercially viable in the near future it will assist with goal setting.

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