We undertake large domestic, commercial and industial roof replacements. Being Registered Builders we submit the plans in accordance with the TOPH region D and obtain all the permits. We’ll submit the BA7 on completion.

Don’t wait like this girl to do something.

Call today, we may be busy and can’t undertake the work for a few weeks but the day before will be better than the day after.

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Here’s a sample of residential homes we’ve completed over the years. They’re on YouTube as they are all custom design and construct  and it  saves searching a gallery. We’ve done many an extension also.

We use the standard MBA contract as it is viewed as a neutral document neither favouring one party over another. As a registered builder for 30 years I am particular with the requirements of the HBCA 1991 and the Building Act 2011. All variations are in writing prior to commencement and delays are avoided. (weather permitting)

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